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A dear friend of mine gave me a little book of Haiku poems for my birthday earlier this month. A few years back, Shannon and I had a brief discussion about the ins and outs of Haiku, which I’d forgotten all about until I finished reading this goodie.

While I enjoy writing, trying to put rhyme in poetry has never been a forte of mine. Haiku is different from other forms of poetry. It is simple, abstract, has a meter that doesn’t need rhyme to work, and says a great deal with few words. After enjoying my little book so much, it got me interested in exploring what all is involved with writing Haiku. I did a quick Google search and found a concise article that showed how simple it can be. I love abstract words (especially when they don’t have to rhyme! :-)), and Haiku is the epitomy of using few words to paint a rich picture of the world around us, or show emotions from the heart.

A new love is found.
In verse she doth profess much–
Words are beautiful.


My Brother Weds

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It was a hot, muggy day, on August 9th, when my younger brother, Shannon, wedded, Alice. Welcome to the family, Alice! We love you!

A New Venture

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How does one successfully introduce a new blog? Perhaps by starting with…purpose. The purposes for this blog are simple (in no particular order):

1) To create an outlet for writing. Ever since I can remember, writing has been a love of mine, though the past some years haven’t allowed much time to devote to it. I remember during grade school I would write stories in the back of my math notebook, when, yes, I should have been working on my lesson instead (which eventually did get accomplished). 🙂

2) To share what the Lord has been teaching me.

3) To provide a place to keep family and friends up-to-date with what is going on in my life, as well as my family’s.

4) To pass on goodies. When I discover treasures, I’d love to pass them along.

I pray that through these pages the Lord would be glorified.

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