My First Month

Today finds me resting from a head cold, so I thought I’d take advantage of the down time to update you all.

On the 5th, I passed the one-month mark of my being here in Missouri. The time has gone by all too quickly, and has been filled with lots of activity and adjustments here on the farm. I’ve been working long days, and the internet works sporadically in my room, so my internet time is rather limited. By the time I get done with my tasks in the evening, I’m ready to crash and go to bed.

I’ve enjoyed being in a family setting, and getting to have two younger “siblings” once again. A couple of weeks ago, I took Josh and Bethany to a Christmas Ball that I like to attend every year. The weekend was filled with lots of fun and fellowship with some dear friends of mine. We talked almost non-stop on the four-hour trip back, about all that had taken place over the weekend.

The Lord has been teaching me a great deal from my time here. Things I never even imagined I’d learn about myself, family relationships, how to “parent” teenagers (I hear myself often saying the same things to Josh and Bethany that my parents told me when I was younger), and countless other things.

Bethany and I have been spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen together: putting up produce from the garden (yes, the greenhouse is still giving some fresh veggies), making bread, cooking lunches and suppers, making Christmas cookies, among other things. My mom was a “dump-and-pour” kind of woman, and she taught me how to do the same. It has been fun to watch Bethany pick up my enthusiasm for “experimental” cooking. From the Brabo’s recent move, their KitchenAid mixer’s dough hook got misplaced in the shuffle. Last week I focused on teaching Bethany how to make bread by hand. She has caught on quickly.

I was able to go home for 5 days over Christmas. It was wonderful to be with my dad, Bryan and Tina (Shannon and Alice stayed in CO) on Christmas day. We are getting spread out across the country, and I have a feeling it will be more so as time progresses. What a different season in life. It seems like ages since we were all kids at home, playing with blocks, legos, and micro race cars. The hands of time never stand still.

The new year marks the start of a fresh beginning…an opportunity to learn from the good and hard lessons from in the previous year, and, hopefully by God’s mercy, improving and growing more in grace and wisdom in the new year. I wonder what 2010 will hold? It will be an adventure I look forward to exploring. 😀


~ by VoiceofAmber on January 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “My First Month”

  1. Thanks for the update, and your insight on learning from life and growing in Christ. I find myself at the age of 51 in a similar space. God be with you, Amber. Remember, you are welcome at our home any time.

    This is Mrs. B. I have a feeling this will link to A. & E.s blog, since i do not have one of my own. The call themselves Fred and Leon, go figure. Maybe this is my year to start a blog =)

  2. It sounds like the Lord is stretching and blessing you. As Mrs. B indicates, it is a lifelong process. We never get to old to be blessed or stretched.
    You remain in our prayers. ~mrs. g & jaimie~

  3. I really don’t know I stumbled across your blog, but I’m glad to hear about what the Lord is doing in your life. We’ve actually known your family for several years just as acquaintances when we would attend the Illinois homeschool conventions. You all were in our prayers and thoughts many times as your mom went through her cancer. It is wonderful to hear how the Lord is leading in your life and pray you are resting in His peace which passes all understanding.
    Rhonda for the Devine family

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